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In the Egadian Islands

It was Claire with her professional interest in human artifacts who suggested to go to Levanzo to see the stone age wall paintings in a cave above the coast line. Cornel managed to arrange a guided tour for us.
In the cave, photography is not permitted. That seemed to be a pity, but in fact all important paintings and engravings are featured on the website of the Grotta del Genovese. It is a really impressive sight we may have missed without Claires request.

We then left Levanzo for the island of Favignana. That was more sailing and bathing than going ashore. For the swimming part, we had a travel mate named Orcy who recently was caught in the wild. Trying to deal with him, we learned it took all efforts of the fittest to tame him for a while. Anyway, he must have taken off again shortly after us. Proceeding with her annual circumnavigation, Kay sent me an Orca picture from Canada saying how nice it was to meet former travel mates again.

start Trapani Levanzo Lipari

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