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Lipari to Palermo


After the Egadians, we took a long trip to the Eolian islands, also known as the Liparian islands. In the dawn we passed the rather remote islands of Alicudi and Filicudi. We would have liked a stop there, but the anchorage there is rather tricky. Even off the main island of Lipari, it took quite a while to catch a good ground.

We anchored off Marina Corta to have a stroll through the less crowded part of the town and stayed over night. Next day, we would have to return to Palermo.


The meals on board are not as sumptuous as they used to be, still, as great as ever. And there is the last evening with special highlights, something that did not make sense when people came and left individually. Well done, guys! We had a great time!

start Trapani Levanzo Lipari

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