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Manned model of the Eye by Roderick Anderson

Eye of the Wind model by Roderick Anderson

Some things do take time. Also a really good model of a sailing vessel. This one took 23 years, but it's still full of life. Look at the people on deck and you will have scenes and faces flashing through your mind. One does see she is moving and the lookout stands on deck, so it must be the seas coming over. And have a look at the helmsman: it's Rod in his sailing outfit when rounding the horn. I fact he was on the stern to make sure to be the last person rounding the Horn on a British sailing vessel :)

Lookout  The monkey poop

In fact, it is not possible to show all the details on a ordinary website. Commercial sites use special technologies to allow you to magnify details, something we cannot do here. But if you want to see the pictures in full resolution, click the *.zip-file to download them so you can view them on your machine. But before showing you all the pictures provided, let Rod speak himself:

The set of the sails is taken from photos I have and is designed to give maximum range without cluttering the yards. It is a design artifact. The model, likewise, is a composite of elements from that trip and before it, ie, there is the ships boat on the davits which did not come on the trip but stayed in Sydney, and the 'roll-bars' that the plywood panelling was attached to to protect the cabin from large seas are not included as I thought the model looked better without them, and the original wooden wheel and not the metal one put on for the trip in Auckland is used, but much of the other deck gear is included as it was, and details within the cabin are as on that trip.

I started the model in 1991 after returning from a trip from Sydney to Montevideo via New Zealand, and The Falklands. The work was interrupted for quite a few years by one thing and another until I retired and I could get back to it. Luckily I had taken extensive measurements while on board of nearly everything backed up by piles of photos.

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