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The book is done!
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Book The Ship That Changed A Thousand Lives

It's done!

The German book by Ulf Kaack and Harald Focke is a good one, but for us in the wrong language. Also, they of course have a different focus as it's meant for the current customers of the ship. The events of 30 and 40 years ago are simply far away from their daily business. But I felt the research done for that book should be spread to a wider audience - together with what we feel is important for us.

To get this done, we opted for independent publishing. It gave us the freedom to do anything we like without asking anyone outside for approval. Publishing it on Amazon would provide worldwide delivery, something that a small local publisher couldn't offer anyway.

Now we are very pleased to announce the book is done and published! As it has 99 known authors of texts and 360 pictures on 310 pages, my job was mainly to splice it all together and write the texts that would fill the breaches between the first-hand accounts. And as my English is the way it is, I was happy to have Trish Holdway not only putting my English in shape, also taking an active part finding material, contacting people, writing the text of the back cover and - most notable - she also found a really suitable title!

This book is print-on-demand. That means, each copy is printed personally for the person who orders and delivered within around 3 days. For the countries with such a highly automatized printing plant free delivery should mostly be provided. That is the UK store, the German, US and Italian one. It also should work for Spain and Japan, but in these shops I have some language issues...

In general, all local shops deliver to any country in the world, only charging more or less postage. But while the book was in it's final stages, something about the tax regulations in Australia was changed causing Amazon not to deliver anymore there from the other local sites. This cannot be changed from our position, but we can tunnel the problem. As I get copies somewhat cheaper, I can offer them on Ebay for a slightly reduced price. That price is to comfort the Australians for their extra-expensive delivery. I am not going to send to book to any place that is serviced by Amazon with Amazon-produced books. I have no economic interest in selling the books as they are deliberately published as non-profit. We could not share a possible outcome fairly amongst the authors, so this was the best way to do it. And it was good to see we anyway were not short of volounteers. :)

As a fall-back for the ones a bit reluctant about purchasing the printed copy an eBook is offered, too, and delivered to ANY country in the world. But as these electronic books only offer poor layout possibilties, it is indeed nothing better than a compromise solution. For any person purchasing the printed version, a free electronic version is offered. To provide an idea what the printed book looks like, here's a little video:

Unprintable material like videos and not yet printed future improvements of the book can be viewed at Facebook (no login needed). Hope you like as much as I do! If so, please leave a review at Amazon or Ebay to tell others!


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