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The sister in the rehab


It is reported that when the Eye was ordered at Lühring shipyard, her first owner Johann Friedrich Kolb saw Meta under construction and ordered this ship once again for himself. And in fact, the difference in hull between the ships is tiny. Both have done well, otherwise they wouldn't be around anymore. But one was more fortunate than the other, so the Eye is famous for her brass and varnish and global voyages while Meta, renamed to Onice, had a hard time to make her money. Now for a moment the sisters are in the same harbour of Trapani for maybe the first reunion ever, at least since many decades. We took a little gift along to commemorate this event.
We had a very noble berth on the harbour front. And yes, everyone is on deck and alert during the maneuver. But indeed, with a bow thruster it is way less exiting than it used to be. The rejuvenation shipyard is within walking distance.


We were announced and received a guided walk and introduction to current situation and future plans. The idea is to run the ship with the new name Brigantes for carbon-free merchant shipping. The concept works already for some other sailing vessels. They will hardly ever get mainstream again, but apparently there is a market for selected goods and customers. Many things will have to be done with the old hull. But some parts of it are still of stunning quality. It will be an exciting project!


After the tour, we left our little gift and invited our guide for dinner in the galley.

start Trapani Levanzo Lipari

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