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Needing to be slipped and seeking a favourable cruising area in Australia, the Eye of the Wind sailed to Tasmania in January 1983 and became the first square rigged ship to be seen in Hobart since 1939. She conducted cruises from Hobart for six weeks around the Derwent and Southern Tasmania before returning to Sydney. She then departed for an extended Pacific Islands voyage, calling at New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, then a three week cruise around the Fijian Islands before continuing through Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and the East Coast of Australia.

Arriving back in Sydney just prior to Christmas 1983 most of the crew spent the festive season ashore with friends and families before departing again for Hobart for the ship's slipping and survey. She then continued conducting short cruises around the Derwent Estuary and Southern Tasmania during the Australian summer. EYE OF THE WIND is available for worldwide charter.




Length 132ft overall, 103ft on deck, 90 ft on waterline
Beam: 23ft
Draft: 9ft
Rig: Brigantine
Hull: Iron
Gross Regd. Tonnage: 150
Net. Tonnage: 115
Built: 1911
Builder: C Luhring, Brake, Germany
Owners: Adventure Under Sail Syndicate
Flag: British
Registered: Faversham No 1 in 1976
Official No.: 363398
Sail Area: 8,000 sq feet
Height of Masts: Fore 83 ft from deck
Main 87 ft from deck
Length of Yards: Lower yard 46 ft
Auxiliary Engine: Gardner 8LB3B 230 HP diesel
Range: approx 1200 miles
Generators: G & M Power plant 230V AC 41KVA and
230 V AC 10KVA
Lighting: 24V DC from Battery bank
Water Capacity: 14 tons, 2800 gals Imperial
Boats: Inflatable Avon 650 x 2, Ships Lifeboat 17ft with dipping lugsail, outboards to suit
Navigation Equipment: VHF and radio, radar Satnav Echo sounder World wide charts Pilot books
Safety: To DTI and Commonwealth standards
Galley: Deep freezer space for extended ocean voyaging, LP gas cookers, bond stores and cool drinks
Recreation: Compressor and diving equipment; General and scientific library; projectors for films and slides; tape deck, etc


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