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Nate and Hayes

also known as 'Savage Islands'

Hayes and Nate in the Galley of Leonora Eye of the Wind starring as Leonora in Nate and Hayes

A swashbuckler's movie filmed in the South Seas featuring the usual bunch of clichés. About noble outlaws, the rescue of a beautiful woman and a whole lot of gunpowder required. And - of course - quite miracolous ships and sail manoevres. Pretty much as many other movies, but featuring some nice shots of the Eye. Links for downloads of movie snippets are provided, but some highlights may also be enjoyable as still pictures.

The Eye is starring as the blackbirder's ship "Leonora", at the beginning operated by Pease, the bad guy. Later, Hayes takes her over to fight for Jenny and and against Pease. Click here for the complete plot and cast.

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Leonora aerial and other shots Leonora close-ups The gunboat fight

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