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Pete Lau's pictures of Operation Drake ashore

Camp Ranu port

Camp Ranu port
camp Ranu restaurant

Camp Ranu restaurant
cheers after hard work

We cheered after completed a ~50miles exhausted uphill to deliver gears for wild life research. 3 ye from Hongkong Fredy Siu, Convey Leung and me Pete Lau.
Night dive in Camp Ranu

Convey Leung night dive in Camp Ranu.
trip to mount Tambusisi

We setout for a trip to mount Tambusisi, to setup a research base-camp.
passing local villages

Passed through villages…
the starting point at the river bank

We started our 3 days trip to deliver research gears from this river bank.
research camp site

A research camp-site equipped with basic tools to carry out front-line specimen examination & classification.
tea time in the jungle

When there were Englishmen in your team, you probably had tea wherever possible.
walkway amongst the tree tops

Next to the camp-site, a walkway hang over trees some 30meters height provide a platform to capture upper layer of the three-dimensional rain forest biological study.
the walkway

The walkway approx. 170 meters long erected in three spans.
collecting the catch along the walkway

At one side of the walkway, a very fine net was setup to capture insects, birds & bats. Collecting those trapped was one of our daily tasks.
visitor in the tree top

Sometime we'd visitor.
senior visitors

And some perhaps very senior visitors.
Operation Drake family photo

A big family photo.
Goodbye party in camp Ranu

The night before we left Ranu Camp. We had a party with songs from local YEs.
goodbye to Ranu Camp

Waves and goodbye to Ranu Camp

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