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Pete Lau's pictures of people involved with Operation Drake

Fredy Wong and friend
Fredy Wong with ___, background was traditional Indonesian sailboat.
Miranda Kitchenside

Miranda Kitchenside, the skipper’s daughter.
Bruce Phillips and Fredy using the sextant

Bruce Phillips (radio operator of the voyage) was demonstrating the use of actinometer, Fredy held his breath and listen to Bruce instructions closely.
Sue Richardson

Su from England polish hard on galley doorknob.
Miranda Kitchenside Sue Richardson
Miranda Kitchenside and Sue Richardson
Remark from Sue: (...) the pictures are of me with striped shirt (I would die for a stomach like that now!) including the overalls one! (...) the one of Miranda is the one below me cleaning the brass and the one of her in the rigging with a batik shirt.
Ernie Jones

Ernie Jones from the State who loved Blue.
Pete Lau

I was holding a bow that was used to shot a pilot string for building up a catwalk system in tree canopy, hanging up in ~50 meter high.
Convey Leung

Sometime we (this is Convey Leung) to stay overnight in the treetop, since some “guests” will collect the trapped victims earlier then we do.
Pete Lau and Fredy Siu

It was early in the morning, the sky was dim and clouds were low, me Fredy & someone still asleep.
Earnest Jones suffering from blisters

Passed pastures under the hot sun, you could almost feel the pain from Earnest’s face who suffered from blisters.
Earnest Jones in the rubber boat

Ernest Jones, after hours of rubber boat, we moved into a small river.

Noel English:
Ernie Jones (USA) on the left and Paul Ellison (UK) on the right

Christiane McCarthy (nee Chapon):
It's wrongly labelled as Christopher Ellison (UK),he's Paul Ellison ( Jersey,Channel Islands UK) as I know him well as he lives in my island and I often see him sailing around Jersey to France!

Stephen Sutton

He was our Bug-man Stephen Sutton.
Susan aloft

Susan who didn’t afraid to stay high and managed well with sails and ropes.
Tiger Timbs

unpacking in the camp

With no rain, we’d arrived the site completely wet, to catch the sunlight, we unloaded immediately and return to base-camp.

Pete Lau, Sue Sljivic, Ray Baldock and Noel English

If you have more or better informations about the people mentioned here, please let us know!!

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