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Pete Lau's pictures of people involved with Operation Drake

People still not identified

Operation is already a long time ago. And as life goes: Memories go and one day one doesn't remember every detail and every name anymore. Some of the people on these pics are not yet fully identified, so if you can help, please mail us!.

Some others are partly or fully identified now, but I did not want to resort the page so soon again.

Ann Melville

Ann Melville from United State, local official and all members were "dressed up" for the city.
Keith Crawford

We still layback in Kendari port. This is Keith Crawford (UK), the ship's engineer.
us, the playgirls

Sometime we'd play girls from various countries.
remark from Sue Richardson: Kurt ?, Edie Cecil, Bernie Atkinson, blond American I cannot remember name? Eric? and Freddy remark from Ann Melville: Jack Milbank U.S., Edie Cecil U.S., Kurt Flather US, Freddie, and Bernie Atkinson
the team of phase 7

This was my international team, really sorry that I'd lost all of them.
remark from Ann Melville: Pete Lau HK, Ray Lloyd-Jones UK, Ann Melville US, Mary Garner NZ, and Emile Repe Indonesia.
Please identify! Please identify!
Spider Anderson

"Spider" Anderson from Australia. People remembered him for a long time - some of his artistic works remained on the ship for some 20 years until 2001. Maybe they're still in place.
Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips (Aust) (Ship's Communications - Radio man).
Ray Lloyd-Jones

remark from Ann Melville: The 9th photo is Ray Lloyd-Jones in a moc "storm"
remark from Ina: As a foreign speaker, I needed an explanation what a moc storm is. So Ann explained: "A "mock" storm, is basically a FAKE or "false" storm. On OP Drake, during that whole 2 1/2 week voyage from Sulawesi to Jakarta, we experienced only calm waters, so ridiculously calm in fact, that some of us longed for the excitement of what one always imagines of the sailing life..."high seas" (rough and wild seas!)...
I think it had been raining that day, though no more than a drizzle, so Ray, Bruce, and Spider were already in their "foul weather gear". They decided to "stage" a storm. Some helpers filled up buckets of water, Ray pretended to be "lashed to the helm" (as in a wild sea), and then the helpers proceeded to drench them with buckets of water as they pretended to play out the drama. Others, (myself included) took photos! I guess it was just a prime example of some of the silliness that occurred on that exceptionally calm and uneventful voyage!"

Sue Richardson, now Sue Sljivic

Sue herself about the pics: (...) we had a fancy dress and I borrowed the engineers overalls and used black shoe polish in my hair which took ages to come out!.
Bruce Philipps Bruce Philipps and Tiger Timbs
Bruce Philipps and Tiger Timbs


Puspa Dewi Liman Please identify!
Ann Melville: The girl is Puspa Dewi Liman
Sue Richardson: In the boat with the big guy standing up were Jane Southey and the big guy was from Somerset (all I can remember about him)
Gary Brindle: I am in the photo of the small inflatable boat at the back steering and being engine man.
Noel English: Big Guy in the boat was Peter Durie, son of Op Drake staffer Ernie Durie (I think).

Pete Lau

with identifications and remarks of Ray Baldock, Sue Sljivic, Ann Melville, Gary Brindle, Noel English and Ina Koys

If you have more or better informations about the people mentioned here, please let us know!!

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