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Pete Lau's pictures of Operation Drake

Ship and sea

sunset in Jakarta

Morning rays in Jakarta dockyard through the net, sometime it was my bed during the voyage.
t'wards Jakarta

Headed west toward Jakarta, It was always a clam and warm sail period I really enjoyed the watch-out, Although its been 24 years ago I still feel the roughness of the net.
Eye of the Wind off Kendari

EoW still layback in Kendari port.
Kids in Kendari

Replenished with water and fun from local kids in Kendari.
locals at sea

The ship was a big sight for local people but the place is a beautiful sight for us.
Eye of the Wind off camp Ranu

Then we slip into deep forest for months of expeditions.
Local fishermen

We started our marine study, we met some fishermen, and we shared some stock with them.
Local goods tall-ship Local goods tall-ship
Local goods tall-ship with colour sails. Its heavy loaded with full sails.

sunset at sea sunset at sea
And again we’d a beautiful sunset.

thunderstorm at night

During the voyage to Jakarta, mid-night thunderstorms were almost a regular event.
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Pete Lau

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