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Eye of the Wind pictures by Eric Matson

Oceania 1997

pick up in Vanuatu

Eric, Chris Deb and others doing the 'dry bum' version of duck pick ups in Vanuatu

show on Vanuatu

The locals at Chief Nelson's village in Maewo, Vanuatu putting on a great show for us. Possibly the best anchorage for diving, village visits and fun in Vanuatu.

market on Tana, Vanuatu

The market at the custom village on Tana in Vanuatu

shopping on Trobriant

Nancy from Adelaide with carved ebony walking sticks in the Trobriand islands

Tapa sulus on Tikopia

On Tikopia during that last visit, the sulu (dress) is made from Tapa (tree bark) and the stain is turmeric and coconut oil, the lady is related to Chief Tafua and has been a friend of the ship from the early days (esp Lesley)

Tiger, chief Tafua and Eric on Tikopia

During the last visit the Eye made to Tikopia, the red is turmeric mixed with coconut oil which is applied to honoured guests, the skirt I am wearing is made from paper bark (tapa), the fish around Tigers neck is a symbolic lure from chief Tafua.


The big Spanish Mackerel was caught in the Solomons 1997

Miss Helen

Miss Helen was cook and galley girl for a couple of seasons. She was popular and lots of fun, I taught her (and Ross and Suzy and a couple of other crew) to dive one year and she really took to it, I have another great photo of her looking at the Lady deep inside the wreck of the President Coolidge near Santo (Vanuatu).

Eric Matson



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