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Eye of the Wind pictures by Eric Matson

Tropical Australia 1997

Axel and Tony

Axel and Tony

Ellis and Jenny

Ellis and Jenny

The foxhole with guests

In the focs'le. The word for this crews accom originates from 'fore castle', but it kept eroding to 'foxhole'.
On other vessels, the room has rather drastic names like 'puke box' or 'heroes cellar'. On the Eye, people not suffering of seasickness called it the best place of the ship. Ellis, Pierre, Laura, Tony, Eric and Jenny. © Tony Browne

In the focs'le

Eric: "The shots in the focs'le are a rare glimpse into seafaring life... and of course the wonderful young people who were the life of the ship.." Tony, Axel and Pierre

Jo, Johnno and not yet named girls.

Kompass problems next Magnetic island

Eric: "I'm actually not sure exactly what brought the pointing thing on, but it may have been a request from me to add interest to a group shot which became an ongoing joke.
I think you will know all the crew in the photo above (Ross, Kate, Emma, Me, Axel, Nikki, Jenni, Toni), the sign says (something like) this is the northern most point of mainland Australia, Cape Yorke at the tip of Cape Yorke peninsula and you can see the ship in the background.
We had 'just' sailed from the southern most point of Tasmania, South West Cape and were on our way to the Southern most point of Africa, Cape Agulhas."


horse riding

Horses in the sea near Magnetic island (Townsville, Queensland) at Horseshoe bay

off Darwin

At the start of the Darwin-Ambron race


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