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Eye of the Wind

our memories of sailing this beautiful brigantine

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On our last voyage with the Eye as we knew her Kay Jaumees had a great idea. We shoud recall the great time we had by telling us the stories of our life with the ship. Tiger did the beginning and we managed to cover all the years right from the first voyage in 1976. Based on these and many more stories, we published our book - find more information clicking here!
If you have stories that should become part of a third edition of the book, click here and let me publish them!

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Deb and Tiger asked me to forward the following:
It is with great sadness we learned that Geoff Andrewartha crossed the bar on 7 September. He was a long time friend of the Eye - beginning in 1983 when we first arrived in Hobart, and his support continued to the very end. Many of us will cherish our memories of sailing with him over the years. Rest In Peace.

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