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Eye of the Wind for sale again!

Eye of the Wind on Loch Ness in July 2004

Our old lady is in troubled waters again. Ole, who bought her in 2001, died at the end of 2006 and for some reason the original plan to hand the ship over to Svend and Gitta in 2006, was not carried out.

So she is for sale again and according to Ros the American heirs of Ole's want to sell her for 1.5 million €. I, personally, do not have the money at hand, but if you dear reader have, please consider there is still a lot of people interested in sailing in her. We were not very welcome during the last couple of years so we sailed in different ships. But if you provide our chance to return, I am sure we can help to fill her bunks better again.

For more information, try to contact the owners via their webform. It may not be easy, but we're on your side.

Ina, © picture Gary Brindle

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