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Videos of the last Atlantic crossing

All of these videos are already published on The last Farewell, but not everyone will go there to look for them. So here there are closer at hand:

  • Tiger's start briefing
    what the Atlantic crossing is supposed to be (1:41 min, 13.9 MB). A glance at nearly all of us sitting in the Lower Saloon. Watch it here.

  • Relaxed 12 to 4 watch
    brown sails in light winds, ropes, watch keepers on the monkey poop, helmsmen, looking back from the lookout's place (1:24 min, 12.3 MB). Watch it here.
  • Morning around 7
    A video of 0:27 min (3.9 MB) with original sound. Doing the brass and other exercises. Watch it here.
  • After lunch
    crews chatting and working on the fore deck, look into the galley (0:22 min, 3.1 MB). Watch it here.
  • The old song made to celebrate the Lime Juice act
    A video of 0:41 min (5.9 MB) with original sound. Watch it here.

  • More Songs of the Lime Juice Day
    of the Lime Juice afternoon (2:57 min, 25.7 MB). Bound for old Maui, Whale Song, South Australia (Chris, Suzy, Rosco, us). Watch it here.

  • Nice speed, high swells
    A video of 1:29 min (12.7 MB) with original sound. Good speed and the upper saloon with the windows secured. Watch it here.

  • Rolling across the waters
    A video of 2:26 min (20.9 MB) with original sound. The ship rolling through high seas. Watch it here.

  • Tough time
    A video of 0:42 min (5.9 MB) with original sound. 9 Beaufort seen from a sheltered place. Watch it here.

  • Bracing in shape
    A video of 1:52 min (31.6 MB) with original sound. Bracing for harbour, furling the main staysail, Kay on lookout. Watch it here.

  • A night in the galley
    A video of 3:53 min (33.8 MB) with original sound. Chatting, singing and telling jokes. Riding on a donkey, Danny boy at the undertaker's, Frank's adventures in the yacht harbour. Watch it here.

  • Leaving Penzance harbour
    A video of 3:08 min (26.9 MB) with original sound. Taking lines in, passing the locks, waving goodbye to friends. Watch it here.

  • Dance on deck
    square rigg dance (1:28 min, 12.9 MB) - no comment. Watch it here.

  • The dead horse ceremony
    times before sailors received the first pay before starting the voyage and left it to their wifes and mothers. So in fact they didn't feel payed before the 30th day of the voyage. Therefore at this day they celebrated the dead horse ceremony - as we did (2:31 min, 33.6 MB). Watch it here.

  • Sails set
    the ship off Denmark seen from the rubber boat (0:19 min, 2.6 MB). The old brown sails set for the very last time. Watch it here.

  • Furling
    furling the sails under blue skys (1:53 min, 25.7 MB). Setting the pennant, yards manned, furling jibs and staysail, handling ropes. Watch it here.

  • To Tiger
    (1:17 min, 17.6 MB) Watch it here.

videos filmed by Daniele Ravenna, adapted by Ina

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