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Eye of The Wind - Newsletter

Hi folks,

It's Fred again keeping you up to date with developments as promised.

The "Eye" was lifted out of the water in Santa Cruz (and a wonderful majestic sight it was being moved around on railway lines like some kids toy. A hull survey was carried out by the potencial purchasers. They were happy with the results and the old girl went back into the water the next day. A very impressive shipyard.)

Contracts have been exchanged and deposits paid, the new owners take over the first week in May when we deliver the "Eye" to Denmark, under the command of the old sea dog himself (Tiger) for the last time.

The "Eye" is to have an extensive refit when it gets to Denmark and is due to sail again in August (as a private yacht). The "Eye of the Wind" as we know her will be no longer, thus going into another stage in her history with the blessing and thanks of us all, for what she has given us over the years.

There are still a few berths left on our final three voyages, so get in there, it's your last chance to sail with Tiger and the "Eye" and feel the sun on your back.

The voyage from Bermuda to Denmark 8 April to early May is to be called the Sunset Voyage and will be limited to 14 voyage crew. The special price for this trip approximately 29 days is £ 1,066, the odd £ 66 is because 66 was a very special and lucky number for me in my motor racing days, and is my way of giving the ship a final blessing. It should have been £1,100 so you get a £34 blessing as well.

All is well on the "Eye" and I will be onboard in the Caribbean when you get this newsletter in mid January (If Di gets her finger Out?) (Please note Di is typing this and where Fred is when it comes to sending out the newsletter? - on his hols). I excpect this will be my last trip on the old girl, and Sue is coming with me (Finally dragging her away from her beloved newspaper).

Diane is in the office to look after your every need. (She is going out to the "Eye" for two weeks in February).

People ask me how Tiger feels about selling the ship after 27 years. I think this is best described as (Like seeing your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your brand new car) VERY MIXED FEELINGS.


We will be sending you another newsletter in May as I know Tiger wants to say a special thank to you all.

On behalf of Tiger, Debs, Emma, Diane and all the crew.

A very happy and prosperous new year

Love and hugs


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