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Last sounds and videos

During the last Atlantic crossing the conditions were not averaged at all. At the beginning being extremely nice, the weather later turned to a storm of 10 days, reaching a peak of 9 Beaufort and 40 feet wave height.
From Fred's video of the journey find here some songs of the lime juice ceremony and videos of the storm.
If you want to watch them, a fast, cheap internet connection is strongly recommended.

Decks awash (18.2 MB). Seas coming on deck, crews batteling their way through.
Stormy seas (18.2 MB). Heavy moving of the ship, sea patterns, crews on deck.
Sailing (12.4 MB). The Eye of the Wind sailing for the last time under brown sails.

Songs recorded at the Lime Juice Day:
  • Lime Juice Song (1.8 KB). The song of the day sung by Chris Roche. In the old times sailors of the British merchant vessels enjoyed a regular supply of vitamins to keep them strong and healthy.
  • South Australia (1.4 KB), the inofficial ship'a anthem. When ever a song was required, people thought for a while which one to take. But at any time I witnessed, they finally voted for "South Australia". I never understood, why they kept thinking of alternatives. Sung by Chris Roche and us.
  • If you see a Sailing Ship (2.0 KB) sung by Suzy Manigan, Ross Berkman and Chris Roche.
  • Sailor's Song (1.4 KB) sung by Chris Roche and Peter Evans. If you know the name of the song, please let us know!
  • The Whale Song (1.7 KB), sung by Suzy Manigan.

videos and sounds recorded by Fred Best, adapted by Ina

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