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With the eyes of a professional photographer

Eye of the wind off Scheveningen

In 2000 the Eye went to several North Sea ports after the Atlantic crossing, one of them was Scheveningen in Netherlands. Not too surprising, she caught the eye of a professional photographer and journalist living here - Bert Scheijgrond.
Bert was so kind to let me take some of the pictures he already published on his maritime photography website. He also was friendly enough to send me some of the not yet published ones and I do have the honour to present them here exclusively.
Eye of the Wind at the Scheveningen breakwater
Laura in the rigging of the Eye of the Wind
climbing the mast of the Eye of the Wind
dressing up for harbour
Polishing the compass
Scrubbing the poop deck
polishing the ships bell
Eye of the wind from windward Eye of the Wind from Lee

© all pictures Bert Scheijgrond

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