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Voyages in 2009

Everything is under development and quick action is required. We now have new sailing offers and can spread them via our website. The leaflets are German, but for the moment, I don't have time to translate them. It's all interesting harbours in the Baltic, for the rest of the story, Google or Wikipedia will help you!

August 10-14 Kiel Kappeln Flensburg Eckernförde Kiel 750
per person
download form (pdf)
August 15-21 Kiel Lübeck Warnemünde/Rostock Stralsund/Rügen Wismar Kiel 1.050
per person
download form (pdf)
Sept 7-11 Kiel Sønderborg Fåborg Svendborg Keldsnor/Langeland Kiel 750
per person
download form (pdf)

I think, this would be a good opportunity to reconnect again with the ship, take a look at her, have a talk with the crew and see the new developments. And the destinations look good to me, I've been to most of the German places and if you have not seen them yet, they are well worth getting visited.

Make a quick decision, keep in mind, there are not many bunks available! To view and print the form, you need Adobe Reader, something most computers already have installed. If you cannot open the file, get your free reader here:

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