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The second edition is done!
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Book The Ship That Changed A Thousand Lives

The second edition is out now!

One year ago we managed to publish our book about the Eye as a teamwork of 99 co-authors. Now, we can proudly present the second, enlarged edition with 11 new authors!

All previous stories and authors remained and are now completed by 45 new pages:

  • My findings in the archives regarding the first German owners
  • A story from the point of the 6-years-old Rolf Carlsson travelling with his father Carl Carlsson
  • Suzy Manigian's report of the encounter with Elsa Martinsson and her memories of Arthur Carlsson
  • The account of Lennart Sandinge who was captain when 'Merry' burnt down in 1970
  • Snippets and sketches of Sixer Boorman's diary of the first voyage of the Eye in 1976
  • Memories of Lorna Rose and her voyage in the Mediterrenean 1978
  • Parts of newsletter 2 with what happened after op Drake
  • Lewis Garnham's report of the time when his father was captain of the Eye
  • Angela Gordon's story what she remembers of the time working on deck, below and above
  • Marco van der Kraan's experiences sailing across the Atlantic and in the Glouchester dock
  • An interview with Charlotte Hoojidonk about her time sailing under Danish ownership
  • Reminiscences of Megan Watt sailing the Eye now as mate.

As before, this book is print-on-demand. That means, each copy is printed personally for the person who orders and delivered within around 3 days. For the countries with such a highly automatized printing plant free delivery should mostly be provided. That is the UK store, the German and US one. By now, you will also find it on Amazon Australia and in any bookshop with connections to Ingram.

If you already enjoyed the first edition and only would like to read the new stories, a special edition is provided: The Supplement. It only contains the above mentioned stories and pictures and does not unfold the whole picture. I previously supplied a link here, but it seemed to lead to confusion. So it might be better simply to go to Amazon and search for ISBN 1692428276.

As a fall-back for the ones a bit reluctant about purchasing the printed copy again an eBook is offered, too, and delivered to any country in the world. But as these electronic books only offer poor layout possibilties, it is indeed nothing better than a compromise solution. For any person purchasing the printed version, a free electronic version is offered. To provide an idea what the printed book looks like, here's a little video of flipping through the pages of the first edition:

Unprintable material like videos and not yet printed future improvements of the book can be viewed at Facebook (no login needed). Hope you like as much as I do! If so, please leave a review at Amazon to tell others!


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