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Tales of the time since 2010

Hi visitor,
it is so incredible: in 2010 the Eye gets 99 years old and she's still alive and sailing. New times began for her and a new bunch of customers now pays her fuel and maintenance bill. The type of journeys now is a different one, not of that adventorous kind anymore that used to drive us around the planet. Still, we keep close to her to watch and to support. We are still open for the new stories her new friends may supply, in case they send them to us. If you did, we'd be really glad to get your tale, what ever kind it was: text, photos, drawings, poems, videos, sounds, anything. No computer skills required, but of course very welcome as it makes the publishing easier. You may also supply it in a foreign language, if you can do it in an electronic way.
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Brigantine Eye of the Wind

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