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1977 - Sydney and the Coral Sea

Eye of the Wind moored at Circular Quay

Early October 1977 moored at Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia with the famous Harbour Bridge behind. Note the need for painting of the hull, carried out on the slipway at Mackay 23-29 October 1977.


David Porter and Lesley Reiter

In early October 1977, in Sydney Harbour, veteran Purser/Nurse Lesley Reiter opens the eyes of new sailor Assistant Purser David Porter to the intricacies of the rigging at the belaying pins.


storing in Sydney

October 8 1977. Loading stores aboard at Circular Quay, Sydney. (L to R) Julie Souter, Nicholas Grono (kneeling), unknown behind "San Remo" box, Keith Perron, Jean Dixon, Richard Grono, Andrew Grono.


Lesley Reiter training David

"Ah! I think I remember that one!" says Assistant Purser David Porter, trying to convince Purser/nurse Lesley Reiter that she is a good teacher after all. Tied up at Circular Quay, Sydney in early October 1977.


visit on Trobriant islands

The "White Devils" are a great source of interest on Egum Atoll, Trobriands, on 13 November 1977. White Devil "Miff" James is at the left with Lesley Reiter and Keith Perron left of centre. The names of the others pictured cannot be recalled (or pronounced).


Crossing-the-line certification

The "crossing-the-line" certificate used on 11 January 1978 at Longitude 106°. 20' E. Eight of the passengers were "received" by King Neptune Karine Scott, his Queen David Trundle, and Davy Helen Birch Jones. Artwork by Declan O'Keefe, lettering and layout by David Porter.


David W. Porter

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