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The Eye of the Wind

rhapsody by Gordon Giltrap

not being a witness of time and event, I only can write the vague informations that crossed my ear.

As far as I know it was composed for the opening ceremony for Operation Drake in 1978 to be played by big orchestra. That time, there was only the live record on tape, and electromagnetic tapes do age. Even my non-sophisticated ear could notice that when first watching it 1999. My mental eye saw lush tropical islands and waves seem to smack the hull when in fact I sat in the galley surrounded by the Danish harbour of Aalborg. Gordon never sailed the Eye, but his music gives a better idea of sailing than some of the glossy movies do.
On March 30th 2005 there was another performance of the piece with the Sheffield Philharmonic Orchestra in Birmingham. See the new page for more informations!

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Click here for the recent performance of Gordon Giltrap's Eye of the Wind rhapsody!

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