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Brigantine Eye of the Wind

Hi visitor,
did you sail with the Eye of the Wind in the 80s? If so, we'd be really glad to get your tale, what ever kind it was: text, photos, drawings, poems, videos, sounds, anything. We're even able to deal with Super8-films. No computer skills required, but of course very welcome as it makes publishing easier. You may also supply it in a foreign language, if you can do it in an electronic way.
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Thanks and enjoy the site!

Richard Grono about the picture: "The photo shown for the 1980's page was taken as Eye of the Wind entered Sydney at the end of the 3rd circumnavigation at 12-00 noon on 18th December, 1982. The ship was only white for the 2nd and 3rd circumnavigations, from October 1978 - at the request of Operation Drake people - until the finish of filming Savage Islands (Nate and Hayes) in New Zealand in November/December, 1982. Prior to that she was black hulled with a white band and following the film she was dark green with a gold band."

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