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Eye of the Wind pictures by Eric Matson

Tasmania to Sydney 1997

Johnno and Jenny

Eric, Tony and Thewy

As far as can identified under their warm wrapping: Laura, Tony, Jenny, ?, Johnno, ?, Eric, ?

Sailing out of wine glass bay


Eric: "Poor Suzy, she gets very sea sick, this was taken in southern Tasmania and she is holding the main sheet tack with her head against the transom. She is actually asleep and I just lay on the deck to take it, I was one of the few who did not suffer from sea sickness and so I managed shots like this and those of the Lord Howe storm when pretty much everyone else were in their bunks. The sail around the south of Tassie was some of the roughest I ever did, the jolly boat was floated off her mounts (the photos of the Eye half submerged are from there and then), and we were all wet through for a couple days. One night we sailed through an amazing sight, there was a 'bloom' of salps (look a little like hard jelly fish) and they glowed a mysterious green colour in the breaking waves all around us. It actually looked like we were surrounded by fluorescent tubes some tiny and some as big as a loaf of bread. I dived the next day at Matsuyker island and the water was full of gelatinous pieces of salps and egg cases, some went ashore to see the seals. Port Davey was our next stop also an amazing place."

Ross Pierce

Ross Pierce leaving his mark on a sail in Port Davey

Thewy, Axe, Nikki and Laura

sailing jolly boat

A rare event: the jollyboat sailing into the evening.

Ross Waters and Emma Timbs

Execution on deck. Do not be too afraid, Ross' damages will be repaired by Emma.
Most of the times.

approaching Sydney

Nikki and others furling sails on the yard while approaching Sydney opera house

Kate in Sydney harbour. The berthing site is next the Maritime Museum.


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