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Eye of the Wind - June 1993 News Update

Hi, Folks,

Since our last update things have gone from strength to strength with the Eye well into this year's charter with Scottish Maritime Trust. The Eye is now officially recognised by the R.Y.A. as a Sail Training Vessel. After wintering in Santa Cruz, the Eye and Tiger, both in fantastic shape, set off on the first six-week sail training leg with Scottish Maritime Trust bound for Antigua.

This went well with the Eye competing in the Classic Yacht Regatta where she was very well received - and won a trophy. The six weeks of Leg Two went from Antigua to Boston via Bermuda and a great time was had by all in spite of breaking the gaff and losing some sail in the Bermuda triangle. The hospitality In Boston was fantastic with the Eye getting V.I.P. treatment from the Boston Harbor Hotel etc. The Eye left Boston on June 8, heading up the coast with a new crew of trainees. She is, at the moment, on her way across the North Atlantic and is due into Canary Wharf, London, on July 8 where she will spend three days before leaving for the tall ship's gathering in Newcastle on the 15th.

We have just settled a deal with Scottish Maritime Trust and International Maritime for 40 weeks charter per year that takes us through to 1998 and next year's programme is as follows.

Leg Four. July 11 to August 31.6 weeks Newcastle Cutty SarkTall Ships' Race, Bergen, Larvik, Esjberg, Brest and Clyde. As at this date, I understand there are a limited number of berths available possibly two-week ones...? Contact S.M.T. on 0475 81000 for further Information.
September 1,2 and 3. Three days of promotion on the Clyde with International Maritime.
September 5 to 17. 14 days management training with International Maritime In Western Isles. Further Information from 0475 81000.
September 19 to 26. Friends of the Eye Special Trip. Oban to Dartmouth, 8 days cruising down West Coast with several stops finishing up in picturesque Dartmouth. Berths available through Adventure Under Sail i.e. us. Prices £400 less 25% If you are a Friend of the Eye, i.e. have sailed on her before. Phone Sue on 0363 777990 or Fred to make reservations.
September 27 to October 2. 6 day break In Dartmouth, visitors welcome.
October 3 to 23. Charter with International Maritime. 3 weeks cruising Dartmouth to Gran Canaries, berths available through International Maritime, 0475 81000.
October 24 to November 17. Eye on 25 days maintenance including out of water D.T.I. If you are feeling industrious, come and give us a hand. Free berths for workers (contact Fred if interested).
November 18 to December 22. Leg I S.M.T. 5 weeks sail training to Antigua giving approximately one week in the West Indies after crossing the Atlantic. Berths available through S.M.T. on 0475 812 162.
December 23 to 28. Break for crew at Christmas In Antigua.
December 29 to January 14, 1994 17 days maintenance in Antigua. Feel like working in the sun free berths to workers ..?? Contact Fred if interested.
1994 January 15 to 28. Antigua to Antigua.

Friends of the Eye Holiday Special
14 days. Cruising West Indies. A special price thank-you holiday for Friends of the Eye. price £800 less 25% if you are a Friend of the Eye. Bookable through Adventure Under Sale U.K., 20 berths only, so first come, first served. Phone Sue on 0363 777990 or Fred to make reservations.
January 29 to February 11. 14 day private charter. West Indies.
February 12 to 18. 7 day break for stores etc.
February 19 to March 30. Leg n S.M.T. 6 weeks sail training Antigua and Antigua, contact S.M.T. on 0475 81000 for information.
March 31 to April 1. Two-day break.
April 2 to May 12. Leg m S.M.T. 6 weeks sail training Antigua to Boston via Bermuda, contact S.M.T. on 0475 81000 for further information.
May 13 and 14. Two day break in Boston
May 15 to June 23. Leg IV S.M.T. 6 weeks sail training Boston to U.K. For further Information contact S.M.T. on 0475 81000.
June 24 to 17. Four day break.
June 28 to July 14. 18 days management training with International Maritime In Western Isles. For further informaton contact International Maritime on 0475 81000.
July 15 and 16. Two day break.
July 17 to August 18. Leg V. Five weeks with Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Race. Further Information from S.M.T, on 0475 81000.
August 19 and 20. Two day break.
August 21 to October 2. Six and a half weeks management training in Western Isles with International Maritime. Further Information from International Maritime on 0475 81000.

Your response to the last News Letter was great with more than 400 people from the U.K. and Europe sending back the address chit to register as Friends of The Eye. Updates will come out to you about every 12 weeks. If any of you would like to make contact with others through the updates, or write letters, we would be only too pleased to put them in for you. Or If you have mall to go to the ship, send it to our U.K. office and we will see they get it.

Sue and Lisa are at our U.K. office to help you, and I shall be around to help keep things running smoothly and look after the Eye's (and your) interest.

All the best


Fred Saunders - U.K. Shore Manager

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