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Small newsletter of 1994

Hi folks,

Not time yet for a newsletter but due to the change of circumstances for the Eye I thought it important to put you all in the picture.

Firstly, International Maritime Ltd have failed to honour their contract with us, i.e. lack of payment. I have therefore terminated the Charter contract with them with effect 1st July and am now endeavouring to recover money owed.

The propeller, photographed in 1999
Dry dock went really well in Glouchester and I can't thank you volounteers that turned up to help out enough. You are a great crowd and I am very proud of you and all the effort you put in. After a lot of sleepless nights and hard days the Eye came out of Dry dock looking good. A really fantastic job was made of the hull with every inch blasted off and five coats of antifouling. And, at long last, we have finally got our new propellor. Tiger reckons it's great, his only complaint ist (quote) "I can't get the ship slow enough now!!" We had only done about a mile down the canal from Gloucester when we developed horrible noises from the stern. I aged about 10 years as I thought the new prop was falling off. We went slowly down to Sharpness then I went over the side to have a look and found we had picked up a wire rope. So a big sigh of relief from me.

We went to Lundy, the Scillies, Brixham and then on to Weymouth for the start of the Tall Ships. We had a good berth alongside and it was good that so many of you were able to visit the ship.

Right down to business, due to the cancellation of the contract with International Maritime we are now on our own for a while until we sort things out. Enclosed is our new schedule through to Spring of next year so if you have any spare cash and want and want to do a trip now's your chance to help us over a difficult period and you can have some fun at the same time. If you have any queries give Lisa or I a call at the office, we are there to help.

Well that's about it folks, look after yourselves and we all look forward to seeing you back on the Eye in the near future.

All the best

Fred Saunders

© picture: Alan Heywood

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