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Eye of the Wind - Spring 1994 news update

Hi Folks,

After their five-week break in Australia Tiger, Debs and little Emma (who has added Russian to her linguistical repertoire as we now have a Russian Deck Hand, Igor) returned in fine form and rejoined the Ship in Antigua. They arrived back in time for the wedding on board the ship of Ross Pearce, (2nd mate) and Kerry Rees, (nurse). It was a great day in glorious sunshine and we know you would all like to join us in wishing them good luck. (By the way Ross, I like the hat!!)

Wedding of Ross Pierce and Kerry Rees, in the background Peter Simpson-Jones

It was sad to see them leave the Ship about a week later but Ross had to go home to the UK and do his domestic bit, painting the house etc, but he will be rejoining us later this year. Their address for those that want it is: 33 Furlong Road, Bourne End, Bucks, SL8 4AE.

Rob Bradley left us for oceans new after doing a great job and achieving an ambition in mastering a tall ship across the Atlantic and, I might add, in record time for us and Gary Wilson has rejoined us from Oz as 1st mate.

The ship and crew are now on their way to Boston after three months, successful voyages for International Maritime and a private charter in the Caribbean (while we frozw in the UK!), behind them.

The Antigua Friends of the Eye trip was a fantastic success and we will do it again next year. We were sorry to disappoint some of you but it has to be first come first serve so get in early next time.

We are keeping back 10 berths for Friends of the Eye for the Atlantic Crossing in December. If you are interested contact Lisa but I'm afraid it will mean spending Christmas in the Caribbean. (AARGH!!!)

After Boston they'll be heading back to the UK where the ship will be in dry dock in Gloucester from June 24 to July 8 if you want a hard working holiday. No need to bring your own blisters, we will supply them!

Things are going really great for the Ship and she is looking fantastic (as usual). Bookings for the Friends of the Eye trips, Gloucester-Weymouth July 9-14 and Oban-Penzance October 4-11, are going well and we only have a few berths left. If you want to go get in quick and if you can't make it tell a friend!

The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race is coming up in July and everyone is looking forward to the challenge. (If you want to be part of this event contact Cathy or Kate at International Maritime on 0475 522211).

There is a possibility that the Eye will be going back to Australia in 1996 and if any of you are interested in that let us know and we will keep you up to date. (Go on, take a year off!!) If just hearing about the Eye isn't enough and you're suffering from withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the ship look out for the Catherine Cookson dramatisation "The Dwelling Place" due on TV, you could see a familiar sight plus a few faces you might recognise.
We have some sweatshirts and prints of the Eye (at reasonable cost) and if you're interested drop us a line or just drop us a line anyway, it's always nice to hear from you.

Lisa is settling in on the office side and is responsible for a lot of this newsletter and she is doing the six-day Gloucester-Weymouth trip with Peter her better half.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible while in the UK this year and would like to wish you all good luck and good health.

All the best

Lisa and Fred

Wedding Day!

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