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The Search for Longitude

William Andrewes Of all films the Eye was involved with this is the most enjoyable I have seen. Published in 1998, the filming on the Eye was done in 1996. And as it shows some of the work on deck, one also sees some of the crews: Tiger, Ross and Ross, Andreas and Jo and others. I think I also spotted some voyage crews, but I'm not sure.

The search for longitude is about a widely unknown lonely genius who made the first timekeeper reliably working under sea conditions - a very touching story indeed. A man who never had good education invented the first clockwork sufficient to give the exact local time one needs to find a ship's position, to keep it on the right track. If you can watch the film somewhere, watch it, it is as interesting as it is beautiful. Or, buy the original video.

If you want to watch the snippets provided, keep in mind videos are large files, so with a slow or expensive internet connection it may turn out less funny. Anyway, if you have sound equipement, switch it on, there are interesting comments and beautiful music.

Tiger, Andreas and ross the Kompass
Ross Pierce on the yard Ross and Jo Tiger Timbs

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