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Pitcairn and its people have cast a spell around our heart,
A web of loving kindness that makes it difficult to part.
We came here just as tourists, knowing little of the land,
And nothing of the people, sons of Bounty's mutinous band.

We found an isle of beauty that took our breath away
And homes and hearts that opened wide, and warmth that made our stay
A time of joy and wonder, and of discovery too
As we walked the red earth roadways 'neath a sky of dazzling blue
Through banyan trees, pandanus, and down to Sailors Hide,
Or climbing up to- Christian's Cave, to steal a look inside.

With the blue sea all around us, and the sun a fiery ball,
We swam and fished and snorkled, saw the beauty of St. Pauls;
But the greatest gift that we received was something that we learned
As we were welcomed into families like the Prodigal returned.
For Pitcairn and the Pitcairners are living proof indeed
That the greatest blessing we can have is to give, not to receive.

The strongest memories we will taken when, sad, we sail away,
Are of friendships made that will not fade for many and many a day.
And the people of this island will live like smiles within our hearts
We hope they will remember us long after the 'Eye' departs.


I've written many lines of verse -
some were good and some were worse -
And now I'm trying hard to say
Thank you in a special way.
Not just from me - from all of us,
The Trainees that you've had to cuss
From time to time to get things done
But we really hope it's been fun.

We joined the ship in Raratonga
(The crew had been on a little longer)
And together we sailed the Pacific blue
For 65 days, while Friendships grew.
We've seen such beauty, sailed and sum,
Biked round Islands, drunk some Rum,
Danced on PITCAIRN, climbed steep hills,
Snorkelled on reefs - all sorts of thrills.

And now the Voyage is near its end
And time some words of thanks were penned.
But somehow I'm finding it hard to say
Those things we do feel so much today.
In Galley, engine room and on deck
It's the people who have made it work
For Captain & Crew have made this trip
So happy on this lovely ship.

Like Pitcairn, the strongest memories we will hold
Are of the people, friends new & old;
And when we hear in times to come
Those names of Islands in the sun:
Tahiti; Moorea and Bora Bora,
Huahine, the Marquesas and Rangaroa,
We won't just remember all those places -
We'll smile, and think of all your faces.
Thanks for all the pleasure you've given us all
It's been great - we've had a ball.

Margot Buchanan

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