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White Squall creditsWhite Squall, filmed 1995 by Ridley Scott, really celebrates the beauty of the ship in many - and extensive - ways. I personally hoped it also would feature the ways of working and living on a sailing vessel, but that was in vain. Chances are, this can't be filmed or maybe won't be, as nobody would believe in the commercial success of such an attempt. Anyway, this chance is gone and will hardly ever return. This time, we only can watch a ship that was run like this or in a pretty different way (who can tell) in the 50s and 60s of the last century. As a matter of fact, after her loss a trial was held and the possibility of a white squall was seriosly discussed. But due to the nature of the phenomenon, final decisions are and were hard to make.

Anyway the Eye was filmed in all her beauty. Even the under deck shots are fairly original. Of course, there are rooms like the crews accom that do not exist in the Eye, but they were carefully arranged and furnished to keep her style. Still, carefully looking at the shots, you will find that under deck the brigantine has 3 masts.

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