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Honour for Tiger Timbs

Tiger Timbs ad the price giving April 16 2004 in Brisbane - click to enlarge!Hi everyone,

wonderful news to share with you. In February last year (2002, Ina) we sent an application off to the Ceremonial Branch of the Cabinet Office proposing Tiger for an award for his services to sailing and international friendship.

He has been awarded an MBE ¹ in the New Years list (of 2003, Ina)!

I was in Australia with the Timbs family when the call came from the British High Commission in Canberra. Debbie's immediate response was anxiety (was he being deported!). The monosyllabic conversation at our end did not give a thing away. When Tiger came off the phone he said "They want to know if I would accept an MBE. I did not know what to say, so said yes thank you" then he walked off, climbed back up the scaffolding and continued stone cladding the house as if nothing had happened. Debbie and I did a dance around the kitchen.

Tiger, Debra and Emma Timbs - click to enlarge!He may have taken all this with his customery calm and modesty, but I know that he is very touched that what he sees as "just doing my job" was appreciated by so many people who thought otherwise.

I am hoping that the Timbs family will come to the UK to receive the award, sometime in 2003. I lured Debbie with visions of posh frocks and hats etc. If they do, I think it might be a bit of an excuse for a party. I will keep in touch about that.

The family are well, happy and very settled in their new life in Queensland. Tiger has adapted remarkably well to life ashore, but is beginning to look at ads for boats, so I think we might hear of him going to sea again in the not too distant future.


Please send this message on to anyone I might have forgotten.

Ros Lewis

¹The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, more information here.

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