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The monkey poop - Friends of the Eye chat

Hi guys,
maintaing our contacts, we have a little geographical problem that easily turns into a problem of time zones and telephone bills, too. To provide another way to keep in contact - and possibly find new contacts - you may get enter the monkey poop chat.
There is some advertising on the page, but don't let it bother you. If it does, send me 50 Euros and I will buy the ads off. This version is free of charge.

Please be aware, only few people will get here by chance, so it may be recommended to make an appointment by email before. When inviting friends from different time zones, I'd suggest to make your date at GMT.

Apart from the above checked settings, you need the flash player, you most likely have installed already. If you see the log-in window below, everything is fine. If not, you need to install the flash player - a feature used on many, many sites in the internet.

P.S.: I won't be visible all the time, but when I'm online, I will be aware of anyone entering or leaving. If I enter the talk, it will be with me like with anyone else: I will be able to follow the chat from the line "Ina has joined the chat".

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