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A couple of years ago I bought a terribly expensive program to create screensavers of my own. I sold some of them but one or two reasons kept me from getting rich by them...
Anyway I do not sell them anymore; they aren't the last cry of technics anymore, either. So I can say they SHOULD work on your windows computer, but wouldn't guarantee that anymore.

These ones are created for Win95 and should work on any system since - but maybe not. Anyway you may download the files and double-click them. Doing this, everything else should happen automatically without further care. Some of the installation windows present the screensaver with it's German name and the email offered doesn't work anymore, either. But you can always contact me - even if there shouldn't be a need to.

I plan to add some more screensavers, but I need to test them before. So if interested, have another look in a couple of days!


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